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Destination Review: North India & Nepal

At the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to visit some of the destinations on the India and Nepal tours. There’s nothing that can truly prepare you for the craziness and beauty found in India & Nepal. These countries are unlike most destinations in the world. India is filled with culture and history so rich you can smell it, many eye-opening moments and more colour than you can imagine. Nepal attracts eager trekkers and adventurers and is the more peaceful location. I could never recommend these places more. Below, I have explained the highlights of each and tried to give insight into my journey that is extremely hard to put into words.


Ah, peaceful Pokhara. You can take calm walks along the lake side, hire a boat on Phewa Lake and enjoy the sunset on the water. The shopping is great in Pokhara, all your trekking needs can be purchased (very cheap!). The Stupa is located across Phewa lake, it is a steep walk but is worth it. You can enjoy the best views of Pokhara at the top.


The first glimpse of those famous blue, red, green, yellow and white flags will make you pinch yourself. Kathmandu holds great restaurants, easy to navigate streets and the Swayambhunath stupa. The Stupa is definitely a highlight of Kathmandu. On the way up there are little markets and monkeys everywhere, and truly breathtaking views at the top. The Durbar Squares are also great to explore.


A visit to Varanasi is the only way you can understand its title as ‘one of the most Holy places in the world’. It is a major culture shock. You have the opportunity to watch the burning body ceremonies held on the burning ghats and view people bathing in the Ganges. Whilst quite peaceful and sensational to watch, it is very intense and eyeopening. You can learn the meaning behind these ceremonies and the ‘holy-ness’ of the river Ganges by taking a boat ride down the river and asking the rower. The best place to view Varanasi is from a cafe rooftop. Varanasi was my favourite destination in India.


Desert, camels, a huge fort and amazing views! Jaisalmer is out of the ordinary. It is a city situated in the middle of the Thar Desert. A camel ride and a view of the sunset are a must. The fort is also spectacular.


Pushkar is a small, boutique town with nice shopping and a beautiful lake with great restaurants overlooking it. It is a more touristy than other locations and is a nice place to relax. Also, the shopping is amazing in Pushkar.


There are no words to describe… all that I can say is that it is huge and feels too pure to witness. There is no questioning its title as a one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. You will underestimate the amount of time you want to spend here. The Agra Fort is also worth the visit, you can see a great view of the Taj from the outward facing archways.


Jaipur is very clean and is known for its pink city and beautiful jewellery. It is arguably one of the best cities to stay in India. You can walk up the Wind Palace (Hawa Mahal) or admire it up high from one of the delicious rooftop cafes across the street. The City Palace holds rich history and beautiful architecture. The Amber Fort is also sensational. It is definitely a must see.


Jodhpur holds the grand Mehrangarh fort and a panorama of the beautiful blue city. The fort itself is almost as breathtaking as the outside views. A visit to the Jaswant Thada is also essential. The white marble masterpiece is located on a small lake and allows for more views of the city.


You can easily tell that Delhi is the third most populated city in the world. It is a shock to the senses. There are people begging you to view there glorious shops and lots of traffic. It is a must see on your India trip but is definitely not a place to relax.


You can visit all of these destinations on our vast range of India and Nepal Tours. To experience the Classic Golden Triangle check out our 7 Day India Golden Triangle Tour. To see nearly all of the Indian destinations listed, embark on our 15 Day Ultimate India Tour. To ensure you visit one of the most Holy places in the world book our 9 Day India’s Golden triangle and Holy Varanasi Tour. To follow my footsteps and experience both Nepal and India, I highly recommend the 16 Day India and Nepal Highlights tour. If you just want to visit Nepal our 10 Day Best of Nepal Tour is for you.

Finally, as stated above, India and Nepal are breathtaking! Please consider these countries for your next holiday

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